Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Snarklights in the blogosphere

Some of you may be familiar with Miss Snark's blog. http://misssnark.blogspot.com/. She gave fantastic advice on writing and submitting to agents -- and she was irreverent and funny and just a joy to read. She retired the blog last year, leaving behind thousands of devoted snarklings. I was one of them! Many agents, editors, and writers still keep links up to her blog, which can still be viewed.

I'm trying to get the word out to all of Miss Snark's snarklings about a blogosphere candlelight vigil to take place May 20, the first anniversary of Miss Snark's retirement. The link is here: http://snarklights.blogspot.com/. It has an image for all snarklings to post on their blog or website that day, and the blog will be open for comments from well-wishers to Miss Snark for one day only. There's no catch to it. I have no advertising on the snarklights blog and the image has no backtracking links or anything like that. I'm also not trying to convince her to start blogging again. I'm just doing this to let Miss Snark know that although her blog is dark, to those of us who were faithful readers of her blog her influence on why and how we write still shines.

Back when Miss Snark was blogging, her posts were a great kick in the rear on days when I wanted to smash my pc with a hammer.

Feel free to pass the info along to any snarklings you know.

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Janet Kay Jensen said...

wonderful idea! And i hope her blog STAYS there, even if she has retired.