Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Exciting News!

We have some exciting news to announce! In this day and age where information flies furiously through the internet (ala Twitter, Facebook, etc.), we want to serve you swiftly also.

That's why...


we're announcing our new LatterDayAuthors email group at Yahoo! Here is the link where you can sign up:

This group is open to all LDS writers who are interested in being part of a supportive group, one made up of group members eager to help assist each other in writing endeavors.

You might be a playwright. You might be a novelist, a screenwriter, even a poet. It doesn't matter. Our group is open for Latter-day Saints who love writing and desire to improve their craft.

Come visit us today! We've just started the group and are eager to get it going. We'll still do BIAMs and will periodically revisit the old forum (it's under construction at the moment). But we are so excited to be able to provide this quicker form of communication for your writing questions.

So jump on in and sign up for the LatterDayAuthors' Yahoo group. We'll think you'll love it! Here is the link.