Thursday, August 23, 2007

Janet's musings: "Hands and Faces, Earth and Sky . . ."

. . . . is the second line of a song by Andrew Lloyd Webber, from "Aspects of Love:"

Love, love changes everything,
Hands and faces, earth and sky . . .
Love, love changes everything,
How you live and how you die . . .

It's a lovely song, a signature piece of singer Michael Ball.

So why am I blogging about hands and faces and Sir Andrew's lyrics today? Because, in proofing my novel, I came across an interesting passage. My character, Hugh, doesn't want to go out and drink with the other hands on the ranch. His boss understands and asks him to stay behind on Friday nights, to do extra chores (with extra pay, too), thus allowing Hugh to "save face with the other hands." AAAAAAAh! Thank goodness I caught my terrible, unintended pun. I hope there aren't any more we've overlooked!


patricia said...

Janet, I adore puns and am guilty of using them in my writing. Even in my news articles I am guilty of punning around--it can make a dry story a bit more entertaining!

Janet Jensen said...

Patricia, I love puns, too, and one of my sons has a penchant for punning . . . if my character had said it, that would have been fine, but for my narrative voice, oh, that would have been hokey indeed. Out of context, it looked strange indeed, and I'm glad I caught it. Wonder what else I've missed as it's on the way to the printer???