Sunday, August 19, 2007

Welcome to our blog!

Hello everyone!

For a few years now, many of you have been frequent visitors to our website,, and our writers forum. I think I can safely speak on behalf of the other latterdayauthors when I say thank you for being a part of our supportive writing community.

Today is a new day for We have said farewell to the old ezine format and have embarked upon one more timely and exciting -- the blog!

Starting Monday, August 20, 2007, we hope you will check back frequently to read our posts.

Now, if you will allow me an indulgence ...

I became acquainted with the other nine writers in the list to your right in 2003. We met online and our friendship (though virtual) has somehow persisted despite the fact that we all live in different geographic areas.

I am grateful to know David Woolley, Bill Gardner, Kelly Martinez, Terrie Bittner, C. S. Bezas, Lori Nawyn, Janie Van Komen, Janet Jensen and Kenya Transtrum. I am a better writer and person for knowing them. I have been especially blessed to meet some of them in person, and I will always treasure those memories.

Thanks, friends! I'll see you on the blog!



Anne Bradshaw said...

Way to go, Latter Day! I came to visit the site and find you've joined the blogging community.

That's good news. I'll put you on my "Favorite Links" right now and visit often.

Rebecca Talley said...

Glad to see all of you here in blogland!

I'm so happy to see back up and running! Thank you for all of your hard work.

G. Parker said...

Way to go guys! about time you got into the fast lane...LOL
I look forward to gleaming more knowledge from you.