Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ten Reasons Why You Know You're a Writer

By Lori Nawyn

10. You don’t know when your spouse will be home but you know exactly what time the mailman will arrive.

9. Your neighbors want new living room furniture. You just want a comfortable desk chair.

8. You find yourself stopping past bookstores and libraries that aren’t on the way home.

7. You buy computer paper and ink cartridges in bulk.

6. Your friends want to go on extended, exotic vacations. You just want to spend time alone with your computer.

5. You’ve learned to carry on conversations with family members and type at the same time.

4. You’d never think of spending hours in front of the TV but you don’t find it abnormal to spend days at the computer screen.

3. Some people fantasize about meeting celebrities. You fantasize about meeting editors and publishers.

2. You analyze all your conversations with family and friends to see if there are any good snippets of dialogue for your WIP.

1. Your fear of rejection has nothing to do with romance.


Marsha Ward said...

I always ask for a ream of paper for holiday gifts. I must be a writer, huh?

A.Riley said...

I just started reading this blog, and realized that I was once in your ward Lori. It was when I was young, and I was friends with your daughter.

I also LOVE to have lots of paper and would love to meet authors over celebrities any day.

Rebecca Talley said...

Very true.

Anne Bradshaw said...

LOL! This is all so true. And when you want to know the truth, it isn't about your hair, or makeup, or dress--it's about a manuscript.

I think it's time for a treat :-) Hop on over to my blog and grab one. They're free and going to any taker. (Better than a trick, right?)

G. Parker said...

Oh that's sooo not fair. I thought I was a writer before, but alas, this just proves it. Great blog! I'll have to show it to my hubby, he'll laugh hard!

Janet Jensen said...

Lori, these made me laugh. And did I see myself in most of them? Yes! That's probably a good thing. Thanks for the humor today.