Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dealing with Blows

by C.S. Bezas

What is your response when you are knocked up side the head?

Hopefully for most of us, this experience does not come literally. But unfortunately, experiences do come at us that unsettle us. We feel we've tumbled to the gritty floor, blood in our mouths, and yet in truth, none of it really happened. It was all perceived, fictional.

Problem is, our brain perceives emotional knock-downs as real.

Perhaps it's the sudden death of a loved one (example: I found my baby in his crib, having passed away from SIDS). Perhaps it's the unexpected loss of a job (example: my husband experienced this twice). Perhaps it was learning of a friend's terminal illness (again a personal experience).

I'm sure you have your own knocked-up-side-the-head blows. They are never pleasant; they always feel nearly as real as a sure kick to the head (or heart, as it may be). What do you do in such times? I'd love to know.

All I know currently is that the only true solace I've found, while collapsed from life's dirty blows, is in the arms of the Lord. Isn't it true that during scripture study and prayer that peace is found - even when peace can't be found any other way?

But This is a Writers' Blog!

What does all this have to do with a writer's blog? Everything, at least in my mind. Writers experience continual "blows" or "knocks" throughout their writers' journey. How a writer deals with these blows determines the rest of their personal triumph (or misery).

The next time you receive a rejection from a publisher, reach for your scriptures instead of any other response. Drop to your knees instead of any other response. Peace can be found when you turn to the Lord first, before anything else. It's the only choice I've found that helps on some of the darkest days.

Again, some blows in life might not be physical ones ... but they might as well be for as much as they hurt. The best way to get off the gritty floors in life and back where we're needed - in my experience, at least - is within the pages of scripture inspired by the Master Writer Himself, within the arms of Him who knows to console like no other.

May you experience few "blows", but if you do, may you find great peace within Him who loves you!


Rebecca Talley said...

Beautiful post and so true. Thank you.

Patricia said...

Beautiful, Cindy. Thank you.