Monday, February 11, 2008

Invisible chains

I still do not have easily accessible internet. I must beg to use somebody else's computer to write my blog and submit it. Every time I think we have the problem solved a new challenge jumps in and laughs at me.

The challenges stand in a perfect row looking very much like Stepford (is that how you spell it?) Wives. Seemingly innocent, all looking serene and just alike until I have to deal with them. That's when I realize the invisible chains locking doors I've previously gone through with ease.

This is life. It's like flying over the earth. When you look down from the airplane it all looks so uncomplicated. You can't see the conflicts, challenges, sorrows, heartaches, and other problems facing the individual people driving those little bug sized cars or living in those miniature houses. However, the closer you get the more reality you experience.

For me the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know, especially with computers. Or let me say the more things I need a computer to do the more complicated the functions become and then those invisible chains slink around me and temporarily freeze or impede my progress.

I've been taking an intensive writing course leading to the publication of a difficult project. I have wondered almost on a daily basis if I took too big of a bite this time, and I won't be able to eat the whole thing after all.

I know this isn't true. The adversary and his minions would like to paralyze us. They want to enslave us in invisible chains and make us believe we can't progress. But the object here is to realize that the chains are "invisible." They only exist to the degree that we belive they do. If I can just step back a little bit and see the whole picture. I realize I only stubbed my toe on a small stumbling rock. It's just the way the light shines on it that makes it look like an impassable boulder.

I hope this helps somebody else out there who is having "chained down," feeling of discouragement today. You can do it. Somehow, some way there will be a computer you can borrow, or a thought, quote, or bit of research you'll find, or just the hope of a better tomorrow to get you through.

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